Generally, 2018 becomes exciting for a Bhutanese for two reasons. Bhutan is up for the third Parliamentary elections and there is the World Cup to follow. Not everyone is into politics but it is worth staying informed of the developments and playing a part in choosing a government that would determine the fate of the […]

Not everyone can afford to run away from cold, as in travel to warmer places every time winter peaks. Into first month of the year and readings show the country has hit a new low on the temperature. There is a drop by almost two degree Celsius across the country, as compared with same time […]

Well 2017, for most, won’t be remembered for much. The year just ticked by, or so it felt. Actually most passing years feel that way, except more loaded with events, often tragedies and disasters to better help remember it by. The latter two of course ring deeper in human memories. The country and its people […]


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