Very often, one would get to hear about people hiking up the mountains and beyond, way over 3,800 metres. But ever heard of people running at that elevation, that too for days, more so in Bhutan? For the first time, athletes and enthusiasts will run over the hills and gorges of Gasa, a northern district […]

In one of the opening segments of The Wonder List, a CNN original series program, storyteller Bill Weir mythicises Bhutan like so: “Centuries ago, when first outsiders wondered into these mountains in search of medicinal herbs, they heard thunder, and naturally assumed the place was infested with dragons…” In so doing, it provoked thoughts on […]

There was a time when Nu 1 brough imagery among children of four pieces of pink, square chewing gums wrapped in a wax paper that bore a sketch of a girl blowing up a ball from the gum. Maybe it resembles two pieces of Harnik’s pink-tipped chalklike phantom candy cigarettes. A packet of 10 would […]

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