While many students of a few private schools in Thimphu exchange gifts as part of a newfound tradition in parting from one another for the winter breaks, those in the highlands of Laya engage in a custom, age-old. Laya is a gewog, inhabited by people of a semi-nomadic community on the country’s north-western boundary at […]

A trek to one of country’s far north-western communities is no longer a remote possibility as it was once deemed because of the distance and the terrain that characterised it. Early herders of one small semi-nomadic community in the past decided that a ledge, actually a vast flat area on the belly of a hill, […]

It is almost the end of autumn. Winter approaches in a couple of weeks. The season is often brushed off as a transition from summer to winter, from warmth to cold. But those who have lived the season closely would vouch that autumn, or fall as the Americans would call it, has the best tone […]

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