It is almost a weekend ritual for many to make a trip to the Centennial Farmers’ Market in Thimphu. To get there, however, is not always a pleasant experience. Firstly, it is an impossible task to find a parking space. This leaves one circumambulating the market until you get lucky. You also require a skill […]

Google “apple” and it’s the technology company that fills up the computer screen, the icon, latest products and services they provide and videos of them.  Ironic that one has to attach “fruit” to the word. Associate the word with Bhutan on the search tab and, for now fortunately, the fruit appears, bashful from near loss […]

Wedged between two of world biggest and most populous nations is how Bhutan is usually described in many of the introductory write-ups to the country. What, however, doesn’t appear apparent in this imagery is the pressure the wedge often feels. For a tiny kingdom of less than 800,000 people sprinkled on a rugged topography, that […]

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