Duration: Nine days Max. Elevation: 4,930m Highest Camp: 4,080m Standard: Medium Best Seasons: March to June & September to November Start: Gunitsawa village (Paro) Finish: Dodena (Thimphu) Summary Experience the excitement of trekking to heights with altitude differences of 2,500m up-to 5,000m along breathtaking views of landscapes, fauna and flora. Be one of the very […]

(Snowman Trek Gangkhar Puensum Extension) Duration: 18 days (actual trek) Max. elevation: 5,230m Highest camp: 5125m Standard: Hard Start: Damji (Gasa) Finish: Dur (Bumthang)   Summary Trek to the base of the yet un-scaled virgin peak, Gangkar Puensum, while availing the opportunities to soak in two of Bhutan’s most revered hot-springs, believed to have curative […]

Duration: nine Days, Max. elevation: 4,700m Highest camp: 3,400m Standard: Medium to hard Best Seasons: March to April & September to November Start: Bumthang Finish: Bumthang Summary Prepare for a thrilling nine-day trek to the mystical hot-spring, believed to be blessed by the great Tantric Saint of the 8th century, Guru Padma Sambhava. Enveloped by […]

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