Being a Buddhist nation, Bhutanese have this particular inclination of drawing the nation’s topographical features to Buddhist beliefs and philosophies. The wise of he past, who had to conquer hills, wade rivers and cover vast valleys to reach the next village, or a neighbourhood are said to be likely sources of what continues to be […]

A traditional stop, a landmark on the more than 180km driveenroute to the country’s bustling trade centre appears TaktiKoti, a place that takes away Phuentsholing’s swayof being talked about in isolation. During a time when settlements along Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway was few, restaurants fewer and ones serving food different from the Bhutanese staple all the more […]

It was as though a rainbow had arched over the country. There were colours all across, bright and shiny. The atmosphere was that of happiness and triumph. Music resonated across the valley amid rhythmical chirps from birds and insects. That was six years ago when our King married the Queen. Excitement had built way before […]

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