Well 2017, for most, won’t be remembered for much. The year just ticked by, or so it felt. Actually most passing years feel that way, except more loaded with events, often tragedies and disasters to better help remember it by. The latter two of course ring deeper in human memories. The country and its people […]

A young private employee in Thimphu was disappointed when she found the new rental apartment she was to move into on December 25 locked. The owner had apologetically messaged, informing her of the inauspiciousness of the day for such an affair. The meeting of nine evils (nganpa guzom) it happened to be, a day traditionally […]

As winter sets in, all means and methods are explored in attempts to stay warm. But one delicious solution, many would have noticed by now, comes in a bowl. The hot and steamy noodles, what locals call thukpa, is an armour that helps shield cold in this blue weather. The soupy dish makes an occasional […]

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