Wedged between two of world biggest and most populous nations is how Bhutan is usually described in many of the introductory write-ups to the country. What, however, doesn’t appear apparent in this imagery is the pressure the wedge often feels. For a tiny kingdom of less than 800,000 people sprinkled on a rugged topography, that […]

It was a time of darkness (mon) in Bhutan, when the Guru first passed by what he called then, the Mon Yul (land of darkness), in the eighth century. No religion then, savage and hostile, the early inhabitants of this land were said to be warring little tribal groups, who often took to cannibalism. As […]

“O’ my! What else is he going to pull out of there?” one curious blond delegate was said to have whispered to the other, their necks constantly turning to check-out the portly Bhutanese representative. Layers of bound documents and files came out of the Bhutanese pouch (hemchu) that piled on the table, including a cassette […]

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