It was as though a rainbow had arched over the country. There were colours all across, bright and shiny. The atmosphere was that of happiness and triumph. Music resonated across the valley amid rhythmical chirps from birds and insects. That was six years ago when our King married the Queen. Excitement had built way before […]

In a distance, men revelling amid shouts and cheers fill the air. A traditional song follows that culminates to more shouts and cheers. One can easily tell there is an archery match happening in the neighbourhood. Those passing by pause for a while to see if the arrow sent off from one end makes anywhere […]

Mythical dragons and snow lions would take on regulars like the monkeys, tigers, snakes, even dogs to a whirling dance competition. Amid performing creatures come clowns that bring a mix of jocular welcome distraction. Gods and deities send the solemn whiff. Humans, who form the square boundaries on a courtyard of a fortress, or a […]

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