Thimphu is one the fastest growing cities in the world, and in proportion to the growth of the capital city of Bhutan, is the number of potholes. Well some residents grow so scornful as to remark that the city, today, struggles keeping pace with its potholes. Where do they come from, these potholes? Is it […]

It is time for students in Bhutan to head back to schools and colleges. A month and a half off books, students engage in all sorts of activities. Around this time, one usually have the tendency to take a pause and contemplate on how the break went. The general impression one gets is that students […]

It is a different realm all together. A campus characterised with structures unconventional,coated in white of crimson borders, more than half a century old, unlike any seen across the country, plucked, as though, from another world, planted within. Classroom lectures resonate far into the distant corners of the main academic building, comprising a library, an […]

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