In Bhutan, the coming months after February mark the beginning of a new year, a new season, beginning of the cycle to tend to the fields. Blocks of timber waiting to be pared off for ploughshares in many villages across eastern parts of the country, while their more affluent counterparts in most western districts readying […]

February makes up more than a quarter of, almost all holidays, the year round combined. The month wears an eager face and opens amid moods celebratory. Although not a public holiday, it begins from February 5, the birth anniversary of the nation’s latest crush, the Gyalsey, with students, who return to school by the month’s […]

Bhutan’s national anthem sings off by introducing the country as a land where cypress trees grow. Even in schools, students are hammered with historic details of how Bhutan has in abundance cypress trees while given a run down of etymologies of the country’s names. There are children’s books with animated cypress trees sending out the […]

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