“What is this statue? It looks quite unlike any seen so far,” a curious American tourist was said to have once asked his Bhutanese guide of an eccentric type, as they drove past the statue of two deities facing opposite directions at Babesa along the old highway. That was in the ‘80s, barely a few […]

It’s a beautiful time to visit Bhutan, and more so, Kyichu lhakhang in Paro. The two cherry trees are bursting with blossoms, giving an aura of purity, calm and peace to the revered and sacred temple. The gardens around the temple are also coming alive with hues of fuchsia, magenta, red, and pink. One drives […]

Fascinating observation commuters within the capital city have made of late. An early bird, however, one ought to be to observe. Talking of birds, these traditionally believed “early morning” swift feathers, have new challengers, apart from their old-time contender, the dogs. Along the many streets Thimphu is woven by, are morning walkers, mostly pensioners, up […]

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