It appears as though the cars flashing to the other direction are in a rush to get to the capital town. Those behind the wheels are oblivious to the fact that they would be slowed down as they join the growing clutter of Thimphu traffic. As for those of us heading out, the feeling is […]

As the cold diffuses to make way for summer warmth, the surroundings transform. Sky is clearer, the slightly snow-capped mountains turn lush green and nature exudes spectacular hues through its numerous petals. Among others, displaying glaring patches of crimson amid nature are the rhododendron shrubs in full bloom around this time of the year. The […]

Closest celestial body to earth, the moon, for centuries has played a crucial role in shaping Bhutanese customs as it has in many Asian societies, including to an extent, even the west. In fact, a heavenly body so close to be the only one humans have ever supposedly visited. A spherical offshoot of a fiery […]

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