Although momos (dumplings) around the world have a controversial heritage, there is no contention over its origin in Bhutan. One of the most popular fast foods around the world today and a palatable feature in most international cuisines, especially in the Asian cultures, the introduction of momos to Bhutan is attributed to Tibet. However, the […]

Spiritual quest is a way of life for Bhutanese. Pilgrimage constitutes a big chunk of travel. While there are countless pilgrimage sites in the country, of late, Dra Karpo in Shaba, Paro has become a major attraction, especially among those living in the capital and Paro. It is about 15 minutes walk from the road […]

Back in the days, the household would get down to drying meat, preparing local beverages called ara and changkoe, and stocking up on ration, as dates approach for the woman in the family to give birth. Today, similar preparations take place but at a bigger scale. But there is a difference. Arrangements decades ago would […]

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