Typical of Bhutanese roads, long and arduous they are, characterised by gut-lifting sharp bends, steep descents and groaning ascents. Add to that, along certain sections of the road, the eerily narrow stretches, unexpected potholes, butt-cringing sinks and sullen mists that cling to the windscreen. They all make up the thrill of driving on Bhutanese roads. […]

A person once joked that the government should supply canes to every individual in Bhutan. Not because it would come in handy while traversing country’s uneven terrains on foot, as that could work too, but for a more critical use. It should serve as a weapon to battle off dogs found in every corner. Every […]

Following series of medical interventions, Dorji decided to seek spiritual way out when his daughter continued to suffer from an illness. He approached a Buddhist master. Of several initiatives prescribed, Dorji was asked to carry out a tsethar, which literally translated to “releasing a life”. Upon getting in touch with one of the animal saving […]

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