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Out of the several companies, why do you have to choose our company. As the name suggests, the team of Happiness kingdom values happiness  more than anything else. Sharing Happiness is what we believe in. We believe that we are the best offering a diverse range of packages and also all ears to customized services that clients may want. And here are some of the reasons  on why you should choose us for you.😊

Licensed agent 

Happiness Kingdom Travels has been established some 19 years ago. It’s  formally licensed and registered tourism company to avail best services to those outsiders who wishes to visit Bhutan. Happiness Kingdom Travels is purely based on laws and regulations framed by the Bhutan Tourism Council of Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Trusted  and renowned company 

Since Happiness Kingdom Travels  serves the best, till now, we’ve received countless customers. For that very reason, our company is certified as one of the largest companies in Bhutan amongst the many existing companies . We had also dealt thousands of satisfied tourists who availed our services fruitfully.

Experienced faculties

 We have a robust team, some with decades of experience in the tourism industry. They know what a tourist from one culture would prefer compared to another from a different culture. All of us are well aware of the systems in out of our entire work ethics. Our experience in the industry helps us in how to tackle things smoothly. Our team has  experience working for major tasking in tourism and we understand every aspect of the needs of service seekers.

Excellent transport services

We do not compromise with comfort of our clients. Thus, we always use new luxury and comfortable vehicles, such as, Toyota coaster Bus 20 seat, 24 seats, Toyota Haice Bus, Hyundai H1 9 seat, Land cruiser, Prado, Santa fe, Tuscon. Etc. 

Our customers are our Asset

Our customers’ happiness is our satisfaction. With prior to all your needs, we value our customers and serve the best we can to ensure your happiness. We really are committed to what we promise. 

Open help line(any time)

The help line door  is open 24×7 for every guest who avail services from Happiness Kingdom Travel regardless of any kind of situations. 

Best hotels and resorts

Our company has incorporated with handful of reputed hotels and resorts which has been highly recommended by previous visitors. And those hotels and resorts are incorporated based on its level of comfort and hotel amenities of our guest. So you have your own choice depending on the type you desire. If you come across any confusion, we are here for you, please do let us know. 

Our team is friendly and flexible

We believe in flexibility. Thus, clients need not stick to the itinerary prepared. After every day we hold discussions with our clients, briefing them about the next day’s program. Guests can make changes accordingly. At Happiness Kingdom Travels, service is our highest priority! Our team is here to help you and we strive to provide the best customer service possible at the highest pace possible. We try the best of your needs and we honor the service you avail from us.  So feel free, we’re just one family. 

Approachable guides

Our guides are both female and male. They  not only speak English but also can speak Hindi, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Thai, Korean. We provide you the guide who are respectful and welcoming. All our guys are jolly, young, energetic, empathetic and has lots of humor. In light of the differences in interests that our clients have, guides have their areas of specialization. While some are birding experts, others are skilled in adventure sports, such as self-driving expeditions, mountain and motor biking, fishing, paragliding, white water rafting, etc. and moreover powered to alter day program without any hindrances to fulfill the needs of our customers. Majority of them have scaled some of the region’s most challenging trek routes and are thus proficient trekkers. Additionally, some are adept in subjects such as happiness, textile, and flora and fauna.

We remain prepared

On our camping/treks, we are always ready to face Nature in all its forms. Equipped with the best sleeping bags, tents and mattresses, the trek will be furnished with lightweight tables, chairs, lanterns, candles, toilet tents, modern cooking and kitchen utensils. In times of emergencies, we can even offer chopper services to airlift you from any area within the country.

And lastly, we have an environmentally-friendly, sustainable tourism venture. We firmly believe that we all have shared responsibilities, at the national and global levels.

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