How safe is Bhutan?

As a Buddhist country where everyday life is determined by its cultural ethos, Bhutanese people are peace loving and warm. Respect for others, especially elders is a cultural cornerstone. Xenophobia is non existent and people are very hospitable. You will be greeted with smiles all over.

Do we need to worry about the altitude changes in Bhutan?

During your travel, you will be moving through the mid-mountain belt of the Eastern Himalayas, which ranges from 900 to 3,354 meters or 3,000 to 11,000 feet altitude. However, majority of your time will be spent around 2,300m/7,544 feet or lower. Howver, occasionally, you will be travelling over high passes. If you face altitude problems, inform us in advance, so that we can work additional acclimatization time into your itinerary.

When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

The best time is between the months of March and May. September-November is also equally good. However, due to the increasing number of tourists visiting Bhutan during these seasons, you must plan your trip in advance, at least three months before your planned visit.

What is the best time to trek in Bhutan?

Spring (mid March – end of June) and autumn (mid September – end of November) seasons are the best time for trekking.

What kind of transport vehicles do you use?
For smaller groups and individual travellers we use Hyundai Tucson, 4WD Land Cruiser Prados and similar luxury cars. For groups of 3-7 persons we have Toyota Hiace mini buses. For larger groups of 8-20 persons we have Toyota Coaster Buses.

What are some useful tips while visiting tsechus?

There is no distinction between the locals and tourists while observing tsechus/religious festivals. One can blend into the crowd and take photographs. A special permit is required for filming. However, it is advised that tourists should not disturb the festival audience or distract the performers while taking photographs. One should not engage in smoking and also refrain from wearing hats or using umbrellas.

How can I get Druk Air flight tickets?

The flight tickets can be sent to you via e-mail. It will be forwarded to your e-mail address prior to your departure for Bhutan.
How safe is drinking water in Bhutan?

Though water sources are from the Himalayas, as a precautionary measure, it is advised that you always drink bottled mineral water.Is there any restriction on the type of outfits we should wear in Bhutan?

As a country seeped in culture, Bhutan also maintains a high sense of dress code for different places and events. During visits to temples, dzongs and offices, one is expected to dress in formal attire. Otherwise, casual dress is appropriate. However, you are advised to bring warm clothing even if your visit is in summer.

How should we make our payments?

All payments must be made in advance and settled one month prior to arrival in Bhutan. Visa clearance is obtained only after payment is made. Upon confirmation of your tour, we will inform you of our bank details so that you can transfer the payment. Credit cards are also acceptable.

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