Bhutan Visa Requirements

• Other than Indian, Bangladeshis nationals, all visitors to Bhutan require a visa.
• All visas are issued from Thimphu by the Tourism Council of Bhutan
• Visas are only issued to tourists whom booked tour packages with local tour operators, directly or through a foreign travel agent.
• The tour operator submits applications for tourist visas. Clearance takes at least 10 working days to process.
• The Royal Government of Bhutan sets minimum selling prices for packages to Bhutan and this must be paid in US dollars prior to arrival in Bhutan.

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Question: Is there a tourist quota to the number of people who can visit Bhutan every year?
Answer: There is no tourist quota set by the Royal Government of Bhutan. Tourist number is about 29,000 per year (2010) largely because of the limited flight capacity and shortages of good hotels currently.

Daily Tariff

The minimum tariff for tourist visiting in a group of 3 persons or more are as follows:

High Season Tariff USD 200 per person per night halt (March, April, May, September, October & November).
To be USD 250 per person from 2012.
Low Season Tariff USD 200 per person per night halt (January, February, June, July, August & December).

The minimum price includes:
• All internal taxes and charges (including the royalty)
• Accommodation
• All Meals
• All travel with a licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide
• All Internal Transport
Camping Equipment and Haulage for Trekking

The rates given above are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. These rates are valid thru 2010.

Note: Tariff rate for High Season will be USD 250 from 1st January 2012

Question: What does my tariff pay for?
Answer: USD 65 (deemed loyalty) actually goes toward a development fund for free health care, free education and road building in Bhutan. The remainder of the tariff goes to accommodation, meals, and services like tour guides, transportation, drivers and all entrance fees.

Question: How long does it take to get my Bhutan Visa?
Answer: Visa is usually released about 1 – 2 weeks before your arrival in Bhutan. This is to accommodate travelers who have a last minute change of plan due to personal or other issues. We can arrange for your Visa within a one week period. So it is possible to book your trip this week and be in Bhutan in 7 day.


Individual tourists and smaller groups of less than three persons shall be subject to surcharge, over and above the minimum daily rates applicable, as follows:

Single individual USD 40 per night
Group of 2 persons USD 30 per person per night

The surcharge will not be applicable to representatives of foreign travel agents on business study or promotional visit duly approved and cleared by TCB.

Tariff Exception

• With effect from 01/07/2009, the 25% discount on Diplomatic visas has been revoked.
• There shall be no charge for CHILDREN up to the age of 5 years. However, those between the ages of 6-12 years accompanied by elders/ guardians shall be given 50% discount on daily rates.
• Full time STUDENTS below the age of 25 years holding valid identity cards from their academic institutions shall also be given a 25% discount on daily rates.
• A discount of 50% on daily rates shall be given to one person is a group of 11 to 15 people. 100% discount shall be given to one member in a group exceeding 16 persons.

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