Happiness Kingdom Travels  has been formed some 20 years ago to share Bhutan and the Bhutanese experience with the outside world. Secluded from the rest of the world for centuries, this tiny Himalayan Kingdom has so much to offer – by way of ancient values, culture, pristine environment and its status as the last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism. Above all, it is this country that has dared proclaim the philosophy of Happiness as the overriding goal of development.

So, at Happiness Kingdom Travels, we believe that our overarching goal should be to give our visitors an insight into what makes Bhutan a truly “happy” country. Bhutan is among the world’s “top 10 biological hotspots”; it is also known for its unique mosaic of culture from which it draws its strength and identity. If so, how do we give our guests the best of what this country represents in the short while that they are here? This concern has propelled Happiness Kingdom Travels into becoming Bhutan’s largest tour company (out of the pool of nearly 2,000 others) for the third straight year. And it’s the first company to get the travelers on charter flight in Bhutan. 

The record speaks for itself. You are in secure hands. Our resume is impeccable. We go out of the way to make every trip innovative, thrilling and memorable. We strive to fulfill every need of our guests. Just give us an opportunity to prove so.

The Chief Executive Officer of Happiness Kingdom Travels is Mr. Pema Tashi. A well-known figure in the Bhutanese tourism industry, Pema Tashi, 44, has been instrumental in opening the East Asian markets, especially the Mandarin and Cantonese natives, to Bhutan. Today, Bhutan receives thousands of Asian visitors mainly because of his hard work and initiative. His attention has now turned to the less explored regions of Europe and the Americas as he believes that Bhutan has so much to share with people all over the world.









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