It’s a lot of cars and in their shape-sizely variety for a small, cash-strapped kingdom that finances its development activities through loans it receives from wealthier nations. This is probably the reason “poor country-rich people” phrase is euphemistically attached to the country in indication of its ill-advised financial bearing. The deluge of vehicles, mostly Indian […]

A nation’s relationship with its neighbours is one of the true measures of its worth.  Weight in gold, by that yardstick, should India and Bhutan claim theirs. Claim they do this year as they celebrate 50 years of friendship. A diplomatic tie initiated in 1968, between India’s first prime minister after independence, Jawaharlal Nehru and […]

Generally, 2018 becomes exciting for a Bhutanese for two reasons. Bhutan is up for the third Parliamentary elections and there is the World Cup to follow. Not everyone is into politics but it is worth staying informed of the developments and playing a part in choosing a government that would determine the fate of the […]

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