majestic BhutanBhutan is a tiny nation with great spiritual values. The iconic country, recognized as the most peaceful country in the world. Unlike any other country, it has its own reasons on why it serves you the greatest purpose to plan your trip to this particular destination. 

Bhutan is rich in unique culture and tradition which could be appreciated by everyone who’ve heard of Bhutan’s insight. There are many amazing places to visit in Bhutan and you will absolutely be obsessed with all those sites if you make a visit to Bhutan. And I can recommend you not to miss these 5 top most places. 

Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s nest)

I must say Taktsang would be the most amazing place that you must not miss to take a hike over there which constantly gives you inspiration from the very base you start till the destination. Taktsang MonasteryHowever, you may face slide difficulties hiking up the hill. But then you have got alternatives where you’ll be given access to horse riding facilities. Certainly, the blessings and its value has nothing to replace.

You have no idea of how it came to an existence hanging on the challenging cliffs. Is it a fairy tale or is there somebody who struggled to build it just because someone is homeless? In fact none of these are true. It has the most incredible history behind the scenes. Hence, Taktsang           can be the one sightseeing you can choose to visit.


Buddha point(Buddha Dordenma Statue)

BuddhaThe world’s largest Buddha statue is one of the most iconic tourist sites located atop of the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu at Kuensel Phodrang famously known as Buddha point. It has the largest feature measuring the height of 54metres (177ft) where its all the time engaged with all devotees involved in accumulating merits. 

The Statue was built to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of our visionary 4th king of Bhutan to pay tribute to his great leadership in governing his people and country. It is the place where you can pass leisure time yet enthralling activities are always involved.


Memorial Stupa, Thimphu

The memorial stupa is popularly known as “Thimphu chorten or memorial chorten”. It is also the visible religious landmark of the capital city of Bhutan. As the name suggests, memorial stupa was built in the memory of our great father the Third King, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. Memorial ChortenIt reflects his prominent service to the nation and the people of Bhutan. Most importantly, it showcases the  religious structure of Buddhist stupa. 

It is a bustling little spot where you see it always occupied. People come there to offer prayers and accumulate merits. And most of the religious rituals are being organized for the well being of all sentient beings. Either occasional or casual days, people come to the place and circumambulate stupa where it is believed to have spiritual blessings. Apparently, people of old age are seen all day long. It is one of the most inspiring scenes you can enjoy and learn more of what spirituality is all about. 

Dzongs in Bhutan 

The very reason why Bhutan stands out from the rest of the world is mainly because of the realm in which it stands. Bhutan is a unique paradise unholding all spiritualistic history of existing fortresses known as Dzongs. The dzongs displays the unique architect and it shows the architectural craftsmanship of Bhutanese. Bhutanese fortresses or Dzongs emerged in the 12th century and its main purpose was to defend enemy’s invasions and to serve as the quarters of central authority. There are many other untold historic history where you would be hearing the fairy tales of Bhutan. Dzongs has the most important significance of Bhutanese forum where it’s advisable to visit it for the wonderful experience. Every dzongs are considered sacred and it’s respected by everyone in the country, in the sense, whoever wishes to visit it, should be in formal dress with Rachu/Kabney.

Ultimately, Dzongs are one treasure that Bhutanese value where each dzong has its own unique story of its existence; The very reason why every foreigner makes a visit to discover and get blessing from.

You will definitely feel the most out of everything. The most important Dzongs you may visit are:

Drukgyel Dzong- Located in Paro District- Built in 1649

Punakha Dzong- Located in Punakha- Built-in 1637-1638- Second oldest and the second largest

Simtokha Dzong- Located in Thimphu- Built in 1629

Tashichho Dzong- Located in Thimphu- Built in 1641

Trashiyangtse Dzong-Trashiyangtse- Built in the 15th century

Trongsa Dzong- Located in Trongsa District- Built in 1543

Zhongar Dzong-Located in Thimphu- Built in the 17th century

Dochula pass

Heavenly Dochula pass is located on the way to Punakha from Thimphu. The Most enriching sightseeing in Bhutan. It is the pass where you can enjoy leisure time and accumulate merit in the meanwhile. Dochula pass consists of the victory temple and 108 stupas built in the memory of historic overcoming history of installing peace in the country followed by the interesting sites for your leisure time. Dochula passBesides its beautiful scenery surroundings, it offers every visitor the most stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range around. Winter days are especially scenic and clear where you can enjoy the scene of snow-capped eastern Himalayan mountains beautifully lined. Most importantly, the dochula pass offers you the most awaited moment  that keeps you away from the touristy hub, the complete silence.

Acquire peace that reveals your heart by taking a moment to meditate in the meditation cave to transform your scheduled mind set to freed at that short moment of your life. 

Phobjikha valley

Phobjikha valley surrounded with beautiful cloud-capped mountains is most targeted as one of the famous sightseeing in Bhutan for both locals and foreigners. If you look for your leisure time to explore the best painted art of nature and are interested in biodiversity, then Gangtey is your best choice.The excellent hue of that particular place is what let everyone enjoy their stay. The place where your picnic memory blooms and the place where most of them go to have pleasurable time with family and friends. In gangtey you will find different species of wild flocks and other animals. Nevertheless, visual pleasure which ultimately makes it momentous. 

And another interesting fact is, because of the existing black-necked crane. Most people consider the arrival of black-necked cranes during the winter season symbolizes the good sign that would bring them good yield of crops and good number of foreign visitors in upcoming years. Anyhow, the country Bhutan is based on the significance of every small thing. That’s another reason why outsiders are always invited to experience the way Bhutan is.

National Botanical Garden; Lamperi pass

Lamperi park is the first botanical park in Bhutan. The park represents the biological corridor of different species of plants, flowers and herbs. botanical park, lamperiEspecially in summer, because the blossom of beautiful different colors makes the site more romantic. In short it paints the best view. But it doesn’t mean that winter gives you the deserted feeling. Absolutely, in winter we can’t see the flowers blooming but the recreational facilities like small boards gives you the best honeymoon fantasy. Moreover, the lamperi park has a larger area where most foreigners and locals go for picnics and gatherings. This particular site entertains visitors at all seasons.

Of course, the sites you visit don’t only seem visually and mentally inviting. Your journey to Bhutan will definitely take you far beyond that. You’ll be exposed to every single historic existence of Bhutan and your learning could be the way high up whereby taking new experience along your journey. 

Common! make 2020 a re-countable one in your beautiful memories in every moment of your journey ♥

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