Generally, 2018 becomes exciting for a Bhutanese for two reasons. Bhutan is up for the third Parliamentary elections and there is the World Cup to follow.

Not everyone is into politics but it is worth staying informed of the developments and playing a part in choosing a government that would determine the fate of the country, as well as ours, for another five years.

With new players joining the league, third Parliamentary elections could also hold surprises… or not. Plus it is a big deal for the nation that celebrates ten years of democratic system of governance since the first elections in 2008.

Not everyone is into football as well. But the World Cup has even those wondering why 20 or so people fight over a single ball, getting curious about which country ultimately gets to keep the solid gold. There are already those who have started placing wager against favourites in an event taking off in Russia in June.

The year, according to traditional calendar, is that of dog. Obviously, those born in the animal are cautioned under the belief that they could be amenable to elements, causing better or worse outcomes. But dogs are one of the most liked animals so the obvious prediction is to savour an year that grows in faith and strength.

Bhutan also celebrates 50 years of official friendship with the giant neighbour, India. It is worth a mention considering the special bond the two countries cherish. So big events and activities could be anticipated.

The year also marks 15 years of diplomatic relations with Australia, an island that offers Bhutanese opportunities to study as well as earn dollars. A grand package has been charted out for the year to usher in Australians at a concession hard to refuse.

While that is yet to come, for those of us at Happiness Kingdom Travels, 2018 is about starting on an enthusiastic note. Having given our best in this last one year, amid the highs and lows, the new year is a new beginning to a promising journey.

Each of us is committed to varying resolutions. Some want to quit drinking, others want to become slimmer and healthier, while some adopt implausible dreams to save and become richer. But we are bonded by a common aspiration to become better beings, do better at work and ensure all those who come our way live a fulfilling year.

For now, we send our prayers and best wishes. Happy New Year!