warm winter campNot everyone can afford to run away from cold, as in travel to warmer places every time winter peaks.

Into first month of the year and readings show the country has hit a new low on the temperature. There is a drop by almost two degree Celsius across the country, as compared with same time last year.

So those deprived of means or conditions to dodge winter on the pretext of holidaying in tropical places have no choice but to brave the chilly weather.

But before one complains of the cold, as is the human nature, and view it as a damper, there are ways and means to live a warm winter. All one needs is a reminder that there is more to the season than being confined under layers of blankets and winter clothes.

True it takes a hundred considerations before one decides to head out for anything, thanks to the freezing air. So many opt to stay indoor.

However, in a self-imposed impoundment, one of the best ways to stay relevant is to learn cooking new dishes. With streams of recipes online, it would be meaningful to engage in creative ways of countering ones appetite. Preparing food that helps stay warm is the right pursuit.

If you dread sitting idle on couches, taking up crochet and knitting is another option. Playing with colours, textures and designs while working with fabric that could actually be worn to keep warm would give a heightened sense of satisfaction.

Even drinking tea and coffee becomes a pain after a while so setting aside a flask with different flavours of green tea is more exciting. Idea is to jack up the body temperature while staying hydrated.

Those who subscribe to fitness move their routine to gym at this time of the year. But if heading out in the cold is still a hassle, one can perform numerous stunts at home.

In fact, with a blend of spirituality, prostration is the best exercise in winter. One can embark on a spiritual journey while sweating out with the drill alongside. The contentment that ensues is overwhelming.

The activities listed are random. There are obviously more and better ways to spend winter. The point is, your winter breaks need not be as dampening as projected. In attempts to stay warm, many forgo fun and opportunities. In fact, there are new hobbies to explore and new motivations to embrace during the season, some of which even warm weathers cannot offer.