It was as though a rainbow had arched over the country. There were colours all across, bright and shiny. The atmosphere was that of happiness and triumph. Music resonated across the valley amid rhythmical chirps from birds and insects.

That was six years ago when our King married the Queen.

Excitement had built way before when, at a Parliament session, His Majesty first mentioned the love of his life. Out King uttered the words through a smile and a tinge of blush. The moment was magical!

It sent off ripples of joy across the country. Prayers, laughter and smiles ensued on every face that learned the news. And curiosity built. Everyone was exhilarated to see the Queen.

First of images that emerged, illuminated every spirit of inquiry. She exuded grandeur, kindness and amiability. Everyone was impressed with our King’s choice. Cloud of romance lingered in the country. And thus began the once in a life-time celebration.

For the people of Bhutan who lived to witness the historic Royal marriage that day, life posed a new meaning altogether.

It was one of the most beautiful visuals ever to see the Royal couple, together, perfect in every sense. Seeing the Royal couple, who defined the country’s future, gave hope and aspirations for a better tomorrow.

Every Bhutanese enunciated prayers for Their Majesties’ happiness and lasting love.

Six years on, the Royal couple appear more alluring. And today, with an endearing prince, the Gyalsey, topping up the glamour, Bhutanese cannot help but feel gratified to have an impeccable Royal family watching over us. It is always a source if pride and confidence to realise their presence amid us.

For each anniversary that we rejoice in, we are convinced of the union that has mattered to a country. Together, Bhutan is led to bigger heights and greater dreams. In such times, the least Bhutanese can do is join in prayers for Their Majesties to be blessed with eternal love.