Is travelling your inspiration? How do you plan and what is the top most priority for your plan for the trip? Definitely! you wish to make it more memorable and joyous lifetime moment. You wish to experience the inexperienced ones. That would include unique sightseeing of your destination. Similarly, Bhutan can be listed as one […]

Summary: A visit to Bhutan is not just confined to treks, cultural trips, landscape and the Kingdom’s exotic flora and fauna. There are a lot one can do, and experience the various mediums and modes of entertainment. If you want to feel and taste what most Bhutanese do, this is the package. Duration: 6 days […]

Summary Despite its size, Bhutan is a diverse country comprising of people speaking different dialects. The reason behind this is the Bhutanese terrain and the scores of rivers cutting the country into different parts. Without a road network, Bhutanese in the past lived in their own communities, hardly interacting with people from other regions. This […]

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