Bhutan is a tiny nation with great spiritual values. The iconic country, recognized as the most peaceful country in the world. Unlike any other country, it has its own reasons on why it serves you the greatest purpose to plan your trip to this particular destination.  Bhutan is rich in unique culture and tradition which […]

A Bhutanese politician had written a blog post on Chimilhakhang and how couple’s from near and far visited the temple to be blessed with a child. He ended by asking if there were any people wanting to share their stories. One comment shared a story of a foreign couple visiting the temple and returning with […]

It’s a lot of cars and in their shape-sizely variety for a small, cash-strapped kingdom that finances its development activities through loans it receives from wealthier nations. This is probably the reason “poor country-rich people” phrase is euphemistically attached to the country in indication of its ill-advised financial bearing. The deluge of vehicles, mostly Indian […]

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