A bell chimes in a distance, filling the air after every interval. For those who are familiar with the sound, it conjures a sense of spirituality. It rings prayers and blessings. The source of the sound can be traced back to a temple or a monastery nearby. Up close, one can find huge prayer wheels […]

In every stride is a question. About life, about oneself, the way one has lived and the journey ahead. The steps test your understanding and faith. It reveals your endurance and agility. And with each stride, you are a step closer to making 108 rounds, the target. This mission of circumambulating the sacred site 108 […]

Being a Buddhist nation, Bhutanese have this particular inclination of drawing the nation’s topographical features to Buddhist beliefs and philosophies. The wise of he past, who had to conquer hills, wade rivers and cover vast valleys to reach the next village, or a neighbourhood are said to be likely sources of what continues to be […]


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